TNG 1000

TNG 1000 is a product that is used as a storage area for food ingredients such as fish, meat, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, frozen food and other foodstuff needs.

TNG 1000 is very economical, environmentally friendly and durable because it is made of pure plastic pellets without mixed ingredients and is resistant to hot weather so that it can maintain the freshness of the raw materials of your product.


Inner Dimension  Outer Dimension
L 1510 mm 1600 mm
W 1075 mm 1165 mm
H 625 mm 835 mm

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Plug Hole

The plug hole or outlet of the remaining water in the Coolbox.

Deep Drainage Hole

Deep drain hole to remove residual water inside the Coolbox.


Sturdy grip so it’s comfortable for you to carry anywhere.


Coolbox Energy uses a Polyurethane coating that is used to keep the temperature stable.


Tanaga Coolbox is made of a sturdy design and is suitable for all terrains.


Tanaga Coolbox is also equipped with a strong locking system.

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